Des Palais
Des Palais is a collaboration between Belgian visual artists Tom Callemin and Bieke Depoorter. Both Callemin and Depoorter studied photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, where Callemin is affiliated as a researcher. Depoorter is a member of the photographic cooperative Magnum Photos. After years of friendship and countless conversations about photography and books, the two artists decided to finally join forces and start a self-publishing platform. This was decided at a small bar in Brussels called Des Palais. Des Palais aims to make personal and unique books. By thinking about the concept of what an artist book is and can be, the collective wants to make publications that are uncompromising, setting the content, integrity and concepts of the work as the clear priority.  Des Palais intends to do more than self publishing own books. Callemin and Depoorter want to create an arena for discussion and interchange, a place where books and projects from other photographers can be conceptualized and brought to life as well.
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